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ENROLL: ONLINE Accident & Health Prelicense


108-WH: Agent/Broker Accident & Health Insurance Prelicensing Course (Internet)
12 Modules; 101 Screens; 30 Hours; $130
Monitored Final Exam (MFX): 1½ Hours; 50 Questions

NYS Licensing Exam (Prometric): 2 Hours; 100 Questions
View NYS Insurance Department Approval Document: Click Here


This Online course meets the NY State Regulatory mandate for 20 Hours of Prelicense Education for the Agent/Broker Accident and Health Insurance License. Successful completion of the course along with submission of all fees and documents is all that is required to receive a Certificate of Completion. A Cert is required before you may sit for your Licensing Exam. This course is for the Series 17-52: Accident/Health Agent/Broker License.


Web-EDsurance is an ONLINE eLearning Management System that uses State-of-the-Art Personalized eLearning Technologies, Quizzes, Practice Exam Sims and Powerful Self-Assessment Tools like the Score Report and Exam Review to help prepare Candidates to Master the Topical Content of the Series 17-52: Agent/Broker Accident and Health Insurance Licensing Examination and the Monitored Final Exam. This Course is up-dated whenever there are changes to the PSI Licensing Exam.
  • Chapter Quizzes: Chapters taken sequentially: Must pass a 7 Question Quiz before moving to next Chapter; must pass all chapters before taking any Exams

  • Practice Exam Sims: Unlimited Number of Exam Sims to qualify for the MFX

  • Score Report: Measures score performance for every Exam and Topic

  • Exam Review: Topic Locator enhances score performance through Targeted Topical Review

  • Monitored Final Exam "MFX":Each licensing candidate must pass a 50 Question MFX with a minimum score of 70% to receive a Certificate of Completion

  • Preferred Monitor Directory (PMD): A statewide PMD listing is included in each course. Students are required to pay Monitors for Proctoring their Course Final Exam.


XAM-NET is an Online Learning and Examination Simulation Solution that unleashes a powerful Personal eLearning Technology SystemSM to measure and enhance preparedness for the 2 Hour, 100 Question Licensing Exam. There are about 1,000 State Specific Examination Questions Arranged Topically to help Target Key Learning Areas. XAM-NET operates in tandem with Web-EDsuranceā„¢ to provide a complete eLearning Solution

  • Exam Sim: Unlimited number of 100 Question Exam Sims; 2 Hours

  • Score Report: Measure performance for every Exam Topic

  • Exam Review: Topic Locator enhances score performance through Targeted Topical Review


Course Access: 24/7/365 Unlimited course access via the internet

Regular Hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm; CLOSED WEEKENDS

SUMMER SCHEDULE: Memorial Day thru Labor Day
Mon-Thr: 9am-5pm; Fri 9am-1pm (EST); Closed Weekends


INSTRUCTIONS: Click the "Add to Cart" button below to begin Registration. Once your Registration (payment) is cleared you will immediately be placed in the course to begin your studies. Students select their own User ID (we suggest first initial, last name) and their password (case sensitive).

For Licensing Exams Commencing September 7, 2016

Agent/Broker Accident & Health Prelicensing Course

108-WH10: Accident & Health Insurance Prelicense



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